Commissioned Work

Fabien is also working as a guest choreographer. In winter 2011 he was invited by Gregor Zöllig from Tanztheater Bielefeld to choreograph for the company.

For the dancer Dirk Kazmierczak he created the solo “From Here to There”.

The solo choreography from Fabien Prioville starts with a large gesture of denial. This “no” stands for the artist’s longing for redemption which we experience on the stage. He looks back on important events in his life, his work and his relationships. He is confronted with the question what remains of his life. On the one hand he feels some kind of dead wish and on the other hand he wants to continue the way he always did and to fulfilhis duties. He wants both, to withdraw from his world and to become very active, driven by his ideas.

He wants to be appreciated as an artist and as a human being to legitimate his existence also he wants to find inner piece and salvation. The artist seems to be cought in an infinitive loop of “keep on going” and “I have enough”.

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