Guest Performance: 12Fifty Mb/s in Ljubljana 7. February 2024, 18h & 21h

On 7 February 2024 at 18h and 21h, the interactive and participatory dance performance 12Fifty Mb/s will be performed at the Španski borci cultural centre in Ljubljana. 

12 Fifty Mb/s is an artistic exploration of the topic of big data. This performance examines the process of data collection and how this can be resisted.

A special App was developed in collaboration with MIREVI Insitute for the performance experience. The dancers’ movements and the choreography act as raw data that is sent to the audience’s smartphones and converted into information. The choreography is based on three levels of technology such as motion capture, QR codes and NFC tags, each of which contributes its own approach and special interactivity.

All information abot the guest performance can be found here on the En-Knap Group website.