Power Moves

upcoming project 2019

In contrast and play with the two poles of ‘movement ceremonies in royal court’ and ‘body-battles in Hip Hop’; glamour and Power Moves of different kinds; Fabien Prioville dedicates his new project to the large complex of Power – Body – Movement.

It is not only in dance, that aesthetic bodily techniques serve a production of power. While body images and movement patterns are intertwined as traditionally present in the associated clichés of ‘court and Hip Hop’; contexts, interpretations and meanings are questioned choreographically with a contemporary understanding of movement.

Power Moves, a term used in street dance, mostly define movements in B-Boying that are specifically impressive, virtuosic and powerful. They are the initial starting point and become part of the research question in how connections between power and movement in dance, are analysed in their negative outgrowth and can yet be artistically transformed and produced positive.

Power of movement – movement of power: Power and its symbolism always manifests itself as a bodily event too. Bodies show, hide and position themselves from large to small gestures and through posture. They en- and disable human presence, development and encounter. Research areas of the new choreography are Power Moves ‘in court’ and ‘in battle during competition’: In ceremonies and movement cultures, how (in-) visible or (un-) clear is power undermined, illustrated and generated? Historic continuities and breaks of both spheres ‘court and Hip Hop’ are worked with: How do bodies move in contexts of power and can they be (re-) staged playfully?

Funded by: Kunststiftung NRW