Fascinating scenes are achieved, when the performers’ movements are reproduced by an infrared camera, and their creeping movements almost let them seem possessed. Again and again the professional dancers find themselves in remarkable positions. It is a certain kind of humour, that creates tension, just to break it again.”– Thomas Hag, Rheinische Post, 01.09.2016

It is in the confrontation of the three dancers, who’s movements still remind of Pina Bausch, with the artists from the Far-East, that the differing worlds collide and eventually communicate. –  Max Kirschner, Westdeutsche Zeitung, 22.09.2015

„This ‚Soma’ project isn’t just about dancing,“ she (Clementine Deluy, dancer) said, „it’s a very special thing.“ – Nabuko Tanaka, Japan Times, 25.08.2015

“One oft he Japanese dancers, 47-years-old stage actress Kiyomi Tanigawa later described of her turmoil in Germany. ‘One day, Fabien asked us to create our own movements on common theme, but we Japanese all hesitated,“ Tanigawa recalls. „Then when he asked what was wrong with me, I thought he was angry and I was so upset – but he just meant I should change my attitude and be more creative. That wasn’t easy – but now I’m surprised how much I can dance!'” – Nabuko Tanaka, Japan Times, 25.08.2015